VS Vignettes: Mike Byrne

VS Principal Oboe Mike Byrne shows us his reed making process.

VS Vignettes: David Michaux

In our latest VS Vignette, Dave Michaux takes us through the world of trumpet mutes.

VS Vignettes: Emily Salmon

We know her as an exceptional violinist, but Emily Salmon has interests and talents; restoring furniture and her rabbits!

VS Vignettes: Annabelle Stanley

One of the most glamourous and unique sounding instruments is still a mystery to most of us. Join VS Principal Harp Annabelle Stanley as she introduces us to the Pedal Harp: glissando, harmonics and much more.

VS Vignettes: Christopher Reiche Boucher

Have you ever wondered what symphonic librarians do? The answer is, it seems like almost everything behind the scenes! The VS Librarian, Christopher Reiche Boucher takes us on a tour of his realm. A librarian is in frequent contact with conductors…

VS Vignettes: Darren Buhr

We know him off the pitch as a VS bass player but this video focuses on another love of Darren Buhr's; cricket.

VS Vignettes: Tori Gould

When you speak, vowels and consonants help you pronounce words. When you play the violin, your bow helps you articulate music. Bow strokes can be long, short, connected, separated, short, smooth, accented, or even bouncy. Tori Gould,…

VS Vignettes: Paul Beauchesne

Here's a behind the scenes look at one of our favourite events - Tuba Christmas with Paul Beauchesne! Although it looked a little different this year, we're sure glad they were able to make it happen!

VS Vignettes: Stacey Boal

As a holiday treat, VS violist Stacey Boal talks about her different recorders and playing Christmas music.

VS Vignettes: Müge Büyükçelen

Müge Büyükçelen discusses her history with live teaching as well as the switch online teaching. Müge also shares her perspective of the recording of Beethoven’s Triple Concerto.