vsSOUNDCHECK: Discount Concert Tickets

The Victoria Symphony is pleased to offer $15 tickets for patrons between 15 and 35 years old. Sign up below and receive your promo code so you can take advantage of your special rate. Tickets are available FIVE TO SEVEN DAYS before the performance, based on availability.

“I have no adequate way to express my gratitude for these tickets at these prices. Without them I wouldn’t be able to attend so many concerts! Thank you, thank you!

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  • Best seating available at time of purchase.
  • Purchase two tickets at $15 per concert regardless of your guest’s age.
  • Email updates with upcoming performances and special offers.

How to Purchase Tickets after you register:


It’s a way for you to connect to classical music and the VS. Anyone between the ages of 15 to 35 is eligible to buy Victoria Symphony concert tickets a $15 per ticket. Tickets are based on availability and are available one week before the performance.

There is no catch. vsSOUNDCHECK is for your people who want to take in some live classical music—we’ve just made it easier. One could say we’ve made it irresistible.

Fill out the registration form on this page to receive your promo code. You can call our box office during office hours (250.385.6515) or visit us in person.

No. Anyone between the ages of 15–35 is eligible.

Seating for vsSOUNDCHECK members is best available at the time or purchase, at the discretion of the VS.

Yes. The vsSOUNCHECK pricing entitles you to a pair or tickets to each performance.

No. Your guest may be anyone of any age.

  • vsSOUNDCHECK prices are valid at all regular season concerts. Specials (Handel’s Messiah, Viennese New Years and the Christmas Special) as well as Happy Hour concerts are not open to vsSOUNDCHECK.
  • vsSOUNDCHECK is also based on availability and this special price may not be available for each performance. Restrictions may apply, so please check with the box office.

All ticket sales for the Victoria Symphony and vsSOUNDCHECK are final. There are no refunds, exchanges or cancellations on any tickets purchased. All artists and programs are subject to change without notice.

You need a credit card to buy tickets online or over the phone. If you buy tickets in person or at the VS box office, the Royal Theater box office or the Farquhar at UVic box office, you can pay cash or via debit card.

Royal Theatre and Farquhar at UVic box office hours may vary, but vsSOUNDCHECK tickets can only be purchased there on the day of a performance.

Yes. You need to show your ID every time you pick up or purchase your concert tickets in person.

Acceptable forms of ID:

  • Driver’s License
  • BCIS
  • Passport
  • International Student Identity Card

Acceptable combination of ID:

  • High school student photo ID with birth certificate
  • Post-secondary ID with birth certificate
  • Any photo ID with birth certificate

Unacceptable forms of ID:

  • Provincial Health Care Card
  • Birth Certificate (with no other ID)
  • Student card with no birth date (with no other ID)

The VS has two performance venues: Royal Theatre, located at 805 Broughton St. and Farquhar at UVic, located at 3800 Finnerty Road at the University of Victoria.

vsSOUNDCHECK tickets must be picked up on the day of the performance (at the latest) and are available 1.5 hours prior to the performance right up to the start of the concert.

In the interest of all patrons and performers, and to minimize distractions, latecomers will be admitted at “late call” a break in the concert determined by the conductor and venue staff. If you leave the auditorium during a performance, you will be re-admitted only at a suitable break in the performance.

Cameras and other recording devices are not permitted in the auditorium.

Take a break from the outside world. Please be sure to turn off your cell phones and audible electronic devices (including watch alarms) prior to the start of the concert.

Most artists appreciate applause at any time during a performance. Until the late nineteenth century and even into the twentieth-century, it was customary for audiences to applaud at the end of ever section of a given piece, and some movements were even given an immediate encore if the applause was great enough. Modern audiences, however, tend to wait until the end of the entire piece to clap. Why? Holding applause between movements is considered to be respectful to the performers’ concentration and mindful of musical continuity.

The conductor will signal when a piece is over by putting his or her arms down and turning to the audience.

Everyone gets the urge to cough now and then. The less worried you are about coughing, the less likely you are to feel the urge! So chances are you’ll feel less need to cough if you come prepared. If you have a cold, then take some cough medicine in advance and bring unwrapped lozenges with you. Have a few handy when the music begins. Try to ‘bury’ your cough in a loud passage of music. If this is impossible and you begin to cough a lot, then it’s perfectly acceptable and appropriate to quietly exit the concert hall. The ushers will tell you when you are able to re-enter the concert.

Performance length varies, but a typical VS performance runs approximately two hours with one intermission. Our Concerts for Kids are approximately 60 minutes with no intermission.

Special arrangements can be made for the blind and visually impaired for most performances.  Accessible seating is also available in certain areas of the venues. Please call 250.385.6515 for more information.

Beverages and light snacks are available for purchase before the show and during the intermission, from the bar and/or concession areas. Food is not permitted in either auditorium. For the Royal Theatre, beverages can be taken in with pre-approved plastic cups provided by theatre staff. At the Royal Theatre, you can even pre-order your refreshments before the show starts so they are ready and waiting for you at the intermission.

Please be considerate of those in the audience who may have allergies and/or sensitivities and refrain from wearing perfume and cologne or other scented products.