Board of Directors

The Victoria Symphony is supported by a Board of Directors that is both a governance and a fundraising body. The Board meets between 8-10 times annually and approves and monitors the annual budget and financial reports, and advises and is advised by the CEO and senior staff. Currently there are 10 elected members plus two orchestra representatives on the Board.  Board members serve a three-year term and bring diverse experience and expertise to the organization including financial, legal, business, governance and human resources.

Executive Committee

Thomas Siemens, President

Joanne Gaul, MD, Vice President

Carol Bellringer, Treasurer

John McLeod, Secretary


Richard W. Greenwood

Tony Joe

Jenifer Chilcott

Jaimie Boyd

Timothy McGee, KC

Darrell Gregersen

Patti Sullivan

Chris Graham

Joseph Chen

Jack Boomer

Orchestra Representatives

Jennifer Gunter

Mieka Michaux

Honourary Life Members

Brian Butler

Jill Gibson

Sandra Lackenbauer

John McEown

C. Stephen Smith

Harry Swain

Read more about our Honourary Life Members here.

In Memoriam

Dr. Eric Charman, CM, OBC

Hugh Davidson

Neville Gibson

Marsha Hanen

Wayne Strandlund

Music Director Emerita