Your support is INSTRUMENTAL

The Victoria Symphony inspires, educates, and captivates our community through the transformational power of music.

The support of our donors and sponsors is vital to keeping symphonic music alive in our community and the Victoria Symphony strong. Our donors and sponsors are our heroes, and the reason we are able to do what we do all year long.

Their impact and the work of the Victoria Symphony goes far beyond what you see on stage at the concert hall. We’re happy to share the impact of this work in our community and in the lives of so many individuals.

“A growing audience, generous donors, government funders, and corporate sponsors all continue to recognize the value that this orchestra brings to Victoria’s cultural life… Despite all of the recent success, however, we are dealing with a key issue shared by other orchestras across the country, production expenses are rising faster than revenues. We continue to advocate for the important role the symphony plays in civic life and feel optimistic that the necessary community support will continue to be there.” – Matthew White, VS CEO

“We can do anything, in agreement and harmony, if we do it together. It really is possible. It is called music.” – Christian Kluxen, VS Music Director

Your Support at Work in 2023/24

  • 939 tickets distributed to community partners and other charities to breakdown barriers to attend concerts
  • 1,000 students attended an Education Concert for free
  • 8 new Canadian compositions for orchestra were commissioned or created, 4 by female composers
  • 350 children aged 3-6 experience Symphony Storytime for the first time
  • 5,500 people attended free summer concerts
  • 42 orchestra members who perform weekly and are a vital part of our community in other roles as teachers, doctors, small business owners, and more

This and more is made possible in whole or in part by the support of our donors and sponsors.

Thank you!

Impact Reports

“I loved the concert last Saturday. Boy it was fantastic! … out of the blue, tears started rolling down my cheeks listening to the music of Hook. I was experiencing time travel… I suddenly found myself projected back to my very young years, watching Hook with my family on our TV on a dark Sunday night at home, in our living room. I was a young girl again, and drinking the music notes…. Magical moment and magical music. I want to thank the conductor, the orchestra for allowing me to live this journey back to my young years.”

“The response we received was more than we could have imagined and it was wonderful to be able to ‘share your music’ with families in our community that wouldn’t otherwise be able to have the experience.”

“[Christian Kluxen’s] words summarize beautifully the deep sense of musical wonder that audience members experienced last Sunday. This was a profoundly moving experience. Consider: our brilliant conductor is moved by a poem in Danish about a human tragedy … He sets in motion a process whereby funding from Hugh Davidson’s legacy fund allows an incredibly talented Canadian composer to create profoundly moving music interpreted with such emotional impact by a young Canadian Mezzo and the Victoria Symphony. Deep thanks to you and to all involved in creating something truly exceptional.”

“I just want to follow up and say an enormous thank you for the masterclasses yesterday! Our less advanced students got some great fundamental work and our advanced students got some excellent advice they can’t really get from me, so I’m grateful.”

“I heard the violin at the symphony, it sounded like a rainbow of music!”

“It’s pretty good to see the experience of real instruments and not just on a screen.”