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Victoria Symphony continues to produce a variety of different videos including Virtual Concerts, Pre-Concert Talks, vsNEW composer videos, VS Vignettes and  featuring VS musicians. All of our Digitial Material is free to users and can also be found on our YouTube Channel.

Virtual Concerts

Enjoy Victoria Symphony concerts on your own terms with FREE Virtual Concerts.

Beethoven Symphony No. 8
Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 in A Major
Beethoven Symphony No. 6
Beethoven Symphony No. 3
Beethoven Symphony No. 2
Beethoven Symphony No. 1
Vaughan Williams, Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis
Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
Angela Hewitt Plays Bach
Beethoven’s Triple Concerto

Beethoven Symphony No. 8

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Allegro vivace e con brio
Allegretto scherzando
Tempo di menuetto
Allegro vivace
Beethoven himself dubbed this “my little Symphony in F,” to distinguish it from the “Pastoral” Symphony No. 6, which shares the same key signature. Despite its brevity, it is no walk in the park, and Beethoven was resentful that it was overshadowed at its premiere in February of 1814 by the Seventh Symphony and by the overly bombastic Wellington’s Victory. The steady tick-tock of the second movement is a sly nod to Beethoven’s friend, Johann Maelzel, the inventor of the metronome. The English musicologist Sir George Grove described the finale of the Beethoven’s Eighth, saying, “It is pure Beethoven in his most individual and characteristic vein, full of those surprises and unexpected effects, those mixtures of tragedy and comedy, not to say farce, which make his music so true a mirror of human life, equal in his branch of the art to the great plays of Shakespeare in his – and for the same reasons.”

Pre-Concert Talks

Bass Trombone Bob Fraser talks about upcoming concerts – both in-person and virtual concerts.

Pre-Concert Talk: Beethoven Symphony No. 8
Pre-Concert Talk: Beethoven Symphony No. 7
Pre-Concert Talk: Beethoven Symphony No. 6
Pre-Concert Talk: Chooi Plays Korngold
Pre-Concert Talk: Beethoven Symphony No. 4
Pre-Concert Talk: Goodyear Plays Shostakovich
Pre-Concert Talk: Beethoven Symphony No. 3
Pre-Concert Talk: Beethoven Symphony No. 2
Pre-Concert Talk: Beethoven Symphony No. 1
Pre-Concert Talk: Celebrating John Williams!
Pre-Concert Talk: Mahler and Schumann, Being Robert Schumann, Part 3
Pre Concert Talk: Beethoven Symphonies
Pre Concert Talk: Vaughan Williams, Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis
Pre Concert Talk: Bach to Messiah
Pre-Concert Talk: Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony – Being Robert Schumann (Part II)
Pre-Concert Talk: Brahms Serenade No. 2 – Being Robert Schumann
Pre-Concert Talk: Gershwin and Beyond
Pre-Concert Talk: Haydn Symphonies; Morning, Noon, and Night
Pre-Concert Talk: Vivaldi and Piazzolla
Pre Concert Talk: NOW! Contemporary Canadian Voices
Pre Concert Talk: Mahler Symphony No. 9
Pre-Concert Talk: Schubert Symphony No. 9 – Kluxen’s Return


Young composers create new works for small ensembles of Victoria Symphony musicians.

vsNEW: Lost Lake – Stavros Chrysoulis
vsNEW: Medieval Sea – Danae Kong
vsNEW: Graveyard at Midnight – Atticus Dachsel Kerr
vsNEW: The Adventure – Angela Nguyen
vsNEW: Mirage on the Silk Road – Houtian Zhong
vsNEW: Explainer

VS Vignettes

VS Musicians and staff share insights into the music, teaching, outside interests and more!

VS Vignettes: Mike Byrne
VS Vignettes: David Michaux
VS Vignettes: Emily Salmon
VS Vignettes: Annabelle Stanley
VS Vignettes: Christopher Reiche Boucher
VS Vignettes: Darren Buhr
VS Vignettes: Tori Gould
VS Vignettes: Paul Beauchesne
VS Vignettes: Stacey Boal
VS Vignettes: Müge Büyükçelen
VS Vignettes: Christine Prince

Musicians of the Victoria Symphony