Call for Participants

Have you ever wanted a chance to interact directly with a Symphony Orchestra?  On November 9th, Giorgio Magnanensi’s brings this opportunity to all aspiring composers and sound engineers – regardless of experience!  Magnanensi’s Sample and hold is an homage to live sound making, the energy and power of imagination and the sheer beauty of sharing sound and sound-thinking together with a large group of committed musicians and community members.

The Victoria Symphony is pleased to welcome 10 participants, who will work with renowned Canadian composer Giorgio Magnanensi in workshops, rehearsal and concert. The nature of this work relies on direct communication and sonic responses to sound objects ideas and articulations that allow for a varied exploration of orchestral timbre, dynamic, gesture, spatialization and the combinations and dialogues between acoustic and electronic sounds.

An integrated approach to sound education and creativity is at the core of this project.  Through the use of iPhone and android devices, workshop participants will be led through explorations of various ways in which electronic sounds can be live remixed, manipulated and integrated to the orchestral sound, allowing participants sitting within the orchestral ensemble to create their own music and discover the potential of an orchestral ensemble.

Participants would be involved in two workshops (Nov. 7 @ 2 pm & Nov. 9 @ 11 am) and in the concert on Nov. 9 @ 8 pm.

If you’re interested, please contact Rachael @ [email protected] for more details!